One Aberdeenshire

Working together as One Aberdeenshire

The One Aberdeenshire project has generated a set of principles to guide colleagues across Aberdeenshire.
More than 600 employees have contributed to the creation of these new principles which offer a guide as to who we are as Aberdeenshire employees and what we should be aiming for in our daily work.

You’re not going to be tested on them, though – the whole idea of One Aberdeenshire is that we all take a bit of responsibility for working together to make services the best they can be. Have a discussion about One Aberdeenshire in your team and decide for yourselves what bringing your best, knowing what’s expected of you and taking informed decisions means where you are.

Our One Aberdeenshire Principles

  1. Everyone brings their ‘best self’ to work every day.
  • We try to do our best every day, going above and beyond when necessary.
  • We treat each other the way we want to be treated.
  • We recognise that leadership and team-working is for everybody.
  1. We are clear about what is expected of us and ask for clarity if unsure.
  • We work in our communities, for our communities.
  • We communicate clearly and honestly with each other.
  • Where our work falls below the standards expected we accept the support offered to improve.
  1. We take informed decisions as close to the action as possible.
  • We use information and skills to make the right things happen.
  • Our freedom to make sensible decisions is supported.
  • We are involved in making sure we have as few ‘rules’ as possible and our ways of working are as simple as they can be.

Chief Executive Jim Savege explains: “The process of going out there and talking with so many employees has highlighted just how useful it is for colleagues to hear from each other on what works well, where shared challenges lie and how we can build on best practice. So keep it up. This is really just the start of a conversation about what it means to work in the best possible ways to provide the best possible, joined-up services.”

To better understand how the One Aberdeenshire project has helped to develop these principles and the journey so far, view a Sway presentation What’s clear is that the process of getting together, seeing shared goals (and challenges) is already helping colleagues to think about how we can all work in a more joined up way.

For more information about the One Aberdeenshire project, contact the Change Team by emailing or join the discussions as part of the One Aberdeenshire Yammer group. We are also developing colleagues’ stories into articles for Arcadia and service newsletters, so if you have a great example of One Aberdeenshire working then please send it in!

Listen to colleagues who took part in a One Aberdeenshire engagement event.

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