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Once again, ALDO (Aberdeenshire Learning & Development Online) has been developed further with 60 courses available and over 2000 active users.If you don’t have an ALDO account please email with a note of your payroll number and they will help you get set up, or if you have forgotten your password, use the “Yes, help me to log in” button on the login pageLearning & Development page on Arcadia.Job Seeker and Interview Skills

– This course includes, links to useful websites for job seekers, guidance on completing Aberdeenshire Council application forms, competency based panel interviews and questions, technical skills and knowledge and advice as well as guidance on interview.Corporate Induction

– Aberdeenshire Council is a very large and complex organisation and in this section you’ll find a range of messages as well as resources that will help you to get an overview of what we do and what we seek to achieve. So whether you are new to the Council or new to a post we hope this will help you to see the “bigger picture” and get a better understanding of the structure as well as the culture of Aberdeenshire Council.Mentoring & Coaching Skills

These are essential tools for managers.  This short module will show you what behaviours are needed in these skills and will give you information about the accompanying practice workshop.  Those who attend may then become an internal mentor.Word Intermediate

– This Course is based on the Classroom course Intermediate Word, which ran for many years in Aberdeenshire Council.  The subjects dealt with are tabs, tables, mail merge as well as a few others.Long Term Degenerative Conditions – Gain an insight in to the various degenerative conditions including: Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis.  It is suitable for home carers, care team and local area co-ordinators, care assistants, day care officers and support workers as well as OT’s, who may be working with service users diagnosed and living with the condition.Manager Induction

– The information included in this on-line Manager Induction aims to support you in the elements of your role relating specifically to being a Manager at Aberdeenshire Council. Pre-Retiral

– The information provided here is as an alternative to the face to face pre-retiral course. Looking ahead to retirement can be an exciting time but may also bring some concerns, not least of which can be financial questions. In this module you will find some information and links to sources of expert financial advice to do with pensions and other money matters.  You need to satisfy yourself that you seek out and take independent and up to date financial advice that suits your own circumstances.Gateway to Management

– The course is for employees, especially managers and supervisors, who may have to use a range of HR Policies including Recruitment & Selection, Attendance Management, Work Performance Ability, Grievance and Discipline. The course provides a basic grounding in how interpersonal competence and skills links to effective policy support in terms of helping to achieve both service delivery and improved employee relations.Word Power Tools

– This course will demonstrate how to use Microsoft Word properly.  This is an active course and will be updated as and when required. Currently the only topic is Mail Merge for Microsoft Word 2003 only.  Please let us know if you need training in Word 2010 on the subject of Mail Merge.Work Smarter Not Harder

– This is a course providing hints, tips and good practice on time and workload management. It explores a range of topics including delegation, stress, and the relationship between Importance and Urgency.Online Service Induction

– This course introduces new employees to the 4 services. Feedback Forum

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